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Amilkar, Aurelia and their children

Current Project: Asylum Seekers Amilkar, Aurelia et leurs enfants vont partager un repas à la fin de leur première semaine passée au Pont.
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At Le Pont, each family is free to cook

Current Project: Asylum Seekers At Le Pont, each family is free to cook what and when they wish … and to invite volunteers and staff to share their meal! It is comforting to be able to cook and enjoy the foods from one’s home cou…
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Maryse, cultural facilitator

Current Project: Asylum Seekers Maryse is a cultural facilitator, a storyteller and an author. In collaboration with the Montreal Libraries, Maryse comes each week to read, sing and share with the youngest residents at Le Pont.
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The ice and snow are fun for the children

Current Project: Asylum Seekers The ice and snow are fun for the children, but seem hazardous to parents who are not equipped for these weather conditions. Thankfully, there are a number of organizations that offer clothes, boots, baby…
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Célia, a community worker

Current Project: Asylum Seekers Célia, a community worker for Mercier-Ouest Quartier en Santé, has invited residents of Le Pont to the Carnaval de Guybourg. She is aware of the many resources and activities in the borough of Mercier-Ouest…

Anna, in collaboration with the organization “Projet Parrainage”

Current Project: Asylum Seekers Anna (right), in collaboration with the organization “Projet Parrainage”, offers new winter coats and boots so that the children will be warm in winter. 
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Current Project: Asylum Seekers Denise seriously applies herself to her study of French. She already speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. When she is not singing in the kitchen, Denise is actively searching for work, doing her French…
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Ghada teaches French

Current Project: Asylum Seekers Ghada (in the middle) is a teacher for the Centre des ressources éducatives et pédagogiques of the CSDM. Every week, she gives two hours of Introductory French to residents to propel them in their learning…
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Betty cleans her room

Current Project: Asylum Seekers Betty cleans her room. Each resident or family has a private room with a key, so that they can feel at home. Cleaning materials are available and each is responsible for their room.

Diane, volunteer at Le Pont

Current Project: Asylum Seekers Diane who has been volunteering at Le Pont since its inception, makes sure that each new family has clean sheets and towels as well as soap, tooth brushes, diapers for the babies, and other essential p…